Bedbugs aren’t dangerous since they don’t carry any type of disease. But, they’re certainly a threat to anyone who’s ever tried to fall asleep knowing the pest lurks underneath the sheets or cover waiting to attack. As the name suggests the bed bug hides in dark places in and near the bed and comes out to enjoy his blood meal when you’re sleeping comfortably and unbeknownst to his attack. Most people who’ve been bitten by the bugs don’t realize what’s happened until they wake and notice a large, itchy welt on their skin.

For some people, however, these bites cause an allergic reaction significant enough to bring them to tears. The numbing agent the bed bugs injects into the skin causes a reaction with the bite that causes an entire arm or leg to swell and itch intensely.  Many people are left with terrible scars that remind them of just how harmful this bug can be. There are a few treatments made to stop the itching and minimize swelling, but for the most part you’ll need to wait it out.

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Whether or not bed bugs cause an allergic reaction or simply an oversized welt on the skin, it is nonetheless a frustrating situation. It is hard to go to sleep at night when you worry that a bug will come out and bite you. And, the thought of lying in a bed that’s infected with bugs isn’t pleasant for most. Make sure that a call to the bed bug exterminator nyc is made at the first sign of bed bugs and put these worries behind. Professional exterminator service is the best way to get bed bugs out of the home, since they don’t respond to many of the common pesticides used to treat pests.