An encouraging trend this late into the twenty-first century is that more and more people are qualifying themselves as entrepreneurs. Interestingly, in many cases, this has come about after brief to long periods of adversity. Those folks who are resilient and positive usually emerge out of these negative cycles sooner than others. One of the most common challenges faced by a majority of people who have ventured into entrepreneurial work is losing what was previously the secure, long-term job or career.

But through the years, there have been trades where skilled professionals have found it easier to go into business for themselves to counter the scarcity of opportunities among established medium to large sized companies across the board. One such trade that serves as a good example here is that of the photographer. You, as a customer or client, may have encountered him. He is usually a lone ranger.

people photographer

He needs no assistance, other than his fine photographic equipment, to photographically record events of significance – a wedding, anniversaries, company launches or promotions, and even the ribbon cutting ceremony at a pop-up store started up by none other than your self-starting entrepreneur. Academically trained and professionally qualified, with years of experience as an artist, the independent photographer has one skill unique to him, allowing him to be successful in his trade.

He is good with people. That is perhaps why some folks like to refer to him as their people photographer. Just think about this for a second. This is a guy who has to get small, restless kids to sit still while posing for the photo. And nine times out of ten, the man pulls it off. Another take is that this photographer specializes in portraits, also composed to mark special occasions.